The Art and Craft of Jeff Wasson

I am the instructor for the Advanced Wood and Metal Working Techniques course in the Continuing Education program at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan.

A mini forge in use during class. Fall 2015.

I no longer teach Advanced Wood and Metalworking at SVA, but I do teach a day class just on metalworking. It focuses on cutting welding, forming and finished of steel. It is open to Day students at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan.


This was Advanced Wood and Metalworking spring 2004. We are standing in the metalshop of the School of Visual Arts Sculpture Center.

This course is for people who want to increase their skills in metalworking or woodworking. We begin by learning to use the tools in the woodshop and Metalshop. Each week different techniques and skills are presented and the students are given a chance to practice their skills under my guidance.

Mr. Lee and the chair he made during the Fall 2005 semester of the course.

As the course progresses students are encouraged to begin a project. I tailor weekly demonstrations to help the students with their projects. As the students gain proficiency they are given more class time to work on their projects.

By the end of the course students are working on their own and have mastered new techniques to help them with their work.

I can, and have taught armouring during this course, based upon interest from students. Many students have taken these techniques and used them to produce their own unique sculpture.

A card catalogue, designed, constructed and finished by an ambitious and hardworking student in the Spring 2006 class.

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