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Armor :: Tournament, mid 15th century

Tournament Armour.

This is my own personal armour that I use to joust in. This photo is from a tournament in Belgium. I am getting ready to mount my horse. Summer 2011.

This armour has been composed from various pieces that I have made over the years. It will continue to change as I make newer and better pieces to replace the older ones. This armour is based on mid 15th c. armour, specifically set up for the joust.

See if you can spot the changes made to it over the years in the photos below!

In the streets of Brussels, getting ready to compete in an international tournament, summer (2010).
Here is the armour as it was for the "Tournament of the Pheonix".

It is based on mid 15th century English Armour that would be in use at tournaments. It is basically a field harness; (armour used in war) however the pauldrons and left arm have extra reinforcing plates that can be removed or added as needed.

Here I am on horseback during the Tournament.

This tournament was a very accurate portrayal of a mid 15th century style of tournament. As well as jousting, there was a mounted melee and a polaxe combat.

A manuscript illumination depicting a pollaxe combat from the Beachamp Pageant, late 15th c.

I was very much inspired by this image and tried to capture the essence of it in the armour I assembled for the tournament.

A photo of the Armour from behind. This was during the foot combat part of the tournament.
The left and right pauldrons are assymetrical; the right side has a cut out for gripping the lance in the armpit. The helmet is a great bascinet that buckles down onto the cuirass. It protects very well but doesn't allow much mobility. The visor is up allowing the wearer better vision and air; it can be switched out for other types of visors.
A photo of the great bascinet with the jousting visor removed and a perforated visor for the melee or war sitting next to it. This visor allows for much better vision and breath. It hinges on to two pivots on either side of the helm.
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