The Art and Craft of Jeff Wasson
Armor :: Slotted Burgundy cross Armour

This armour is made of 1050 hardened and tempored spring steel. It is based off of an armour in the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna. The armour has slots cut in the gauntlets and also the helmet for better ventilation. The borders are etched and gilt.
The helmet is an Armet. I made a wrapper to go with it. The original is missing it's wrapper. The brightly polished steel surfaces contrast really well with the gilt and etched borders.
This armour is a half armour. There is no leg harness with it. The tassets are made of many horizontal plates that protect the thighs. The vambraces have a "wolfs teeth" decoration along their length. The shoulders, couter and vambrace are connected by a leather that allows for excellent mobility.
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