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Armor :: Late 15th Century

A late 15th century armour Mild steel, April 2005

This armour incorparates German and Italian styles of the late 15th century. While not based on one particular harness, this armour was meticulously researched and represents a high quality harness of that time.

This armour took about six months to build. I worked one month full time on it and the rest of the months were part time. It was made to measure, and encompassed much of what I have learned about armouring. None the less, I still have more to learn, and there are details that I would improve upon.

You can see the owner fighting in this armour in the activities section under fighting.

Here is a closer view of the armour showing the punch and file work and the overlapping of all the plates.

You can see the construction of this armour in the techniques section.

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