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Armor :: Early 15th Century

Ready to ride at a Tournament in Brussels. This summer I polished the armour so it was no longer black (see photos below).
The armour in action: Jousting at the Sablon Place in Brussels. In this incarnation the armour is more 1440-1450ish. It is very functional and protective.
My wife's armour.

Made of 1050 hardened steel. A good armour should fit and follow the form of the body really well allowing the wearer to be comfortable and move athletically.

Notice that her breastplate covers her ribcage and stops at the narrowest part of her waist. Below that a fauld of hooped lames covers her hips, flexing and allowing her to bend.

The breastplate is very rounded and has a crest running down the center. Both of these attributes allow it to deflect blows, and give the wearer plenty of room to breath. The pauldrons overlap the breastplate and have reinforcing plates.

The back of the armour, showing the pauldrons overlapping. This armour would be typical of the early to mid 15th century.

Joan of Arc probably wore something very similar!

September 2008

Here she is on horseback during the Sands Point Medieval faire.

July 2008

This armour has been a work in progress. I've slowly been replacing the less accurate and older parts with newer and better pieces. Before she had the full pauldrons she had spaulder type shoulders with oblong "besegews" protecting her armpits.


Her armour, when I first started. The pieces are mild steel, and some parts are splinted leather.

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