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Armor :: 1380s English Armour

1380s English armour, Made of 1050 hardened spring steel.

This armour was made for a gentleman portraying the knight in the re-enactment group, "La Belle Compagnie"

The gauntlets are stand ins for this photo shoot. I just finished the proper gauntlets recently (Fall 2011), and they can be seen in the gauntlets section.

The cuirass is a coat of plates consisting of steel plates rivetted into a leather cover. Stylish and protective! I think there are about a thousand rivets in it.
The pointed visor of the bascinet was really good at deflecting arrows, lances and other weapons and was in use from the 1360s to the 1420s.

The coat of plates has a decorative line of rivets forming two semi-circles across the breastplate.

The back of the cuirass. The cuirass was modeled off of the famous statue of St. George in Prague. Most english effigies show knights wearing surcoats coving their cuirass. So it is difficult to know what armour was worn underneith. This armour captures the "wasp waist" that you find in these effigies.

You can see more pictures of this coat of plates in the cuirass section.

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